Frederique Beroset

M.B.A. established Dune Doctors in 2000 after years spent researching native coastal plants and developing protocols to grow underused species. With a background in plant biology, Beroset stresses the importance of using plants native to the area when restoring a habitat.
As a respected expert in costal restoration, Beroset designs projects with a strong emphasis on scientific protocols. Details such as the mixed variety of vegetation, size and quality of plantings, and the integration of genetically similar species are key factors which result in a higher than average success rate for Dune Doctors. Achieving a natural look that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally compliant is the value proposition for the company. Dune Doctors rates project success through a process called TEAM QAQC, the goal of which is to improve coastal resiliency through the fortification, restoration, and protection of dune ecosystems for years to come.

Brad Newman

Brad Newman joined Mother Nature’s Medical Team™ in 2016 as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dune Doctors.  As a lifelong coastal resident, he is a passionate advocate for coastal stewardship and resilient shorelines!

Brad brings over 20 years of business development expertise to the table.  Brad has honed his skills in a variety of corporate, teaching and government environments.  He spent 17 years in the healthcare industry communicating biological sciences, and has a natural affinity for the earth sciences that impact the coastal clients of Dune Doctors.

As the driving force behind the recent growth and rebranding of Dune Doctors, he brings infectious energy to our team for the benefit of our clients.

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