Learn how to properly protect your coastal investment through our Dune Master Plan™.

We have outlined a few important things to consider if you think your property might be at risk from storm surge related damage.

First, contact an expert to get an evaluation of the potential risk and failure points that may exist on your dunes. Remember, the coastline requires a special understanding – the vegetation, geography, and environmental impacts are unique at the beach. Things like foot traffic, irrigation systems, invasive species, and unhealthy vegetation all add to the risk for potential loss in a storm event; an expert can explain those risks in clear and understandable terms.

Second, request a Dune Master Plan™. Having a plan means knowing what to do and when to do it. A well-prepared property will have started to improve and optimize the dune barrier system long before the next storm hits.

Finally, when working with a coastal erosion control firm you should be given a clear list of project priorities to make the most of your budget and timeline. Don’t forget special coastal considerations like Turtle Nesting Season (May 1 through Nov 1) and permitting can impact construction plans – so plan early to get all stakeholders informed and to schedule any meetings for approval well in advance of any project deadline.

“Can you tell me if my dunes are the best they can be?” To help you take the first step toward a successful restoration let me introduce you to our “Dune Diagnostic Form.

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