As a respected expert in coastal restoration, Beroset designs projects with a strong emphasis on scientific protocols. Details such as the mixed variety of vegetation, size, and quality of plantings, and the integration of genetically similar species are key factors that result in a higher than average success rate for Dune Doctors. Achieving a natural look that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally compliant is the value proposition for the company.

Dune Doctors Capabilities:

Erosion Prevention
Wind and water Erosion Mitigation is accomplished through beach nourishment and the fortification of a continuous berm that provides protection to ecosystems and structures located landward.
Dune Restoration
Dune Restoration is accomplished through the strategic combination of sand placement, walkover designs, sand fences to trap sand, and a variety of native coastal plants to anchor sand in place.
Coastal Consulting
We offer Coastal Consulting with cutting edge technology specialized in addressing the unique needs of your project. Our methods are scientifically backed and designed by Coastal Restoration Experts.
Construction requires advanced planning for special permitting. Our general contracting partners can construct a variety of marine structures such as boardwalks, sheet-pile retaining walls, geotubues etc.
Maintenance consists of quarterly check-ups to remove dead plant material in order to maximize the growth of the sea oats. Careful routine care will ensure your dunes are ready before the next storm hits.