Wildlife-Friendly Sand Fences Installation Services

Beaches naturally undergo a process of sand accretion (accumulation of sand) and erosion (loss of sand) due to wind patterns, storm action and other coastal forces. However, through a combination of natural and man-made factors, this cycle of sand loss and sand accumulation is often unbalanced, and many areas experience heightened erosion.

To help coastal communities address sand loss, Dune Doctors works with regulatory agencies to install sand fences that are both wildlife-friendly and optimized to capture as much wind-blown sand as possible. Sand fences paired with native protective vegetation initiate a “sand bank” in the shape of a continuous protective berm that acts as a buffer between your property and destructive wave action.

The fences capture wind-blown sand, and the plants help anchor it, enhancing and accelerating sand accretion. Think of this “sand bank” as a financial institution that allows for storm events to “withdraw” from your sand savings instead of eroding the dune closest to your property or the foundation of your building. Your “sand bank” also functions as a reserve to help replenish eroded beach areas, lessening the costly need for dredging or purchasing sand.

Watch the video below to understand how sand fences create multiple lines of defense between your coastal property and storm action. Also, call us today at 866-386-3737 to join our waitlist for new sand fence installations.

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After your property’s evaluation, meet with our coastal restoration experts for a personalized roadmap designed to build coastal dune resiliency and property fortification.

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Have our coastal restoration experts perform an on-site visit to evaluate the potential risk and failure points that may exist on your dune.

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With a guaranteed 96% plant survival rate, Dune Doctors’ commitment to excellence drives careful attention to detail in customizing each solution for unsurpassed individual results.

We are booking projects 2-4 months in advance. Please contact us now to secure your project.

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Your Roadmap to Coastal Resiliency

Property Managers

Provide your board members with access to the highest quality dune-building grasses, sand-fence installation, and dune maintenance available. Dune Doctors manages all aspects of the project and works directly with regulatory authorities and contractors to deliver a streamlined restoration process.

HOA Board Members

Dune Doctors helps reduce the storm damage risks your water-front community and infrastructures face. Our long-term, storm resiliency plan also accounts for preserving and enhancing your dune’s natural beauty by maintaining your coastal vegetation. Proactive communities start building protection long before the next storm comes.

Property Owners

Dune Doctors provides customized, long-term solutions to your recurring erosion challenges. Protect your coastal investment by enlisting our coastal restoration experts to strengthen and maintain your natural protective barriers. Dune Doctors directly handles all required permitting and regulatory requirements.


Dune Doctors streamlines all restoration projects with clear, strategic planning that optimizes resources to deliver the industry’s highest guaranteed plant survival rate at 96%. With over 20 years of successful project implementation, Dune Doctors partners with regulating authorities to achieve sustainable results by using plants native to the area being restored.