FM Global says, “Every $1 Invested in Hurricane Preparedness Reduces Loss Exposure by an Average $105”

Frederique Beroset MBA & M.S. in Biology

In 2018, FM Global, an industrial property insurance firm set out to pin a dollar amount to the relationship between hurricane preparedness and storm recovery. Their research team reviewed the loss and mitigation information of over 10,000 hurricane preparedness investments and analyzed the reports of 1,800 clients from 2007 to 2018. The study that was subsequently published demonstrated a powerful ratio: every $1 spent on hurricane protection can reduce loss exposure by an average of $105. Few other investments can yield data that clearly demonstrates the tangible value of planning ahead. Success favors the prepared, especially when it concerns  investing in hurricane protection.


Sand Fences Expedite the Creation of a New Protective Berm


Earlier this month, we received a client-made video that demonstrates the progress their protective berm has made since 2018 when we installed a new line of sand fences along their property. The Rebalko family sent us a video that shows how much sand their sand fences captured over the course of two years. In our experience, it takes on average 4-6 years for sand fences to be completely buried unless storm action expedites the process by depositing a large volume of sand on the coast. After only two years, just the tips of the Rebalko’s sand fences are visible. We are not certain what kind of environmental factors may have caused the berm’s rapid sand accretion. However, to the Rebalko family’s benefit, neighbors to the east and west have also invested in sand fences. Perhaps this dispersed communal effort is the reason for their dune’s incredible growth.


Press play to view Ruth Evans Rebalko’s reaction to the level of sand just two years has yielded.

On May 14th, we decided to visit the property to photograph the progression for ourselves. Here are the before and after pictures.


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Like what the Rebalko’s have? As coastal restoration experts, our goal is to accomplish in a few years what mother nature takes decades to build. Speak with our team today to schedule a dune assessment for your property. Or, click here to submit a typed request.


FM Global. “Every Dollar Spent on Hurricane Protection Can Prevent US$105 in Business Property Loss, Disruption.” FM Global, 27 June 2018,

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