The Dune Doctors’ New Face

Frederique Beroset MBA & M.S. in Biology

Over the past several years, Dune Doctors LLC has steadily grown as we completed projects of varying sizes and needs along the coast. Moving forward, we plan to expand our services to areas of the USA we have previously not reached. To reflect these aspirations, we decided to transform our brand to mark the beginning of a new decade for our company. In rebranding, we are centering our identity on being leading experts in dune restoration.

The coastline is constantly changing, and Dune Doctors will evolve to match its needs. Humans and nature are often at the mercy of each other’s hand. However, when we are mindful of preserving the ecosystem around us, nature, in turn, protects us in kind.

Dune Doctors encourages people to embrace their responsibility to regard the natural coastal environment as a valuable asset that must be invested in, respected, and cared for.

“We believe when people know better, they do better.”

We are passionate experts dedicated to educating and inspiring others to be stewards for their coastal surroundings for generations to come. Using our talents, tools, and scientific background, we employ methods based on proven research. We design personalized coastal erosion and preservation solutions built for beauty and long-term resiliency.

As a dedicated team of professionals, we pride ourselves on striking the balance between our clients and the coast. Through empowered stewardship, we aim to help you Preserve, Protect, Optimize, and Maintain your dunes for years to come.

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